Perfectly Provisioned: 22 Random Things That Fit Perfectly Into Each Other

When two random things fit together perfectly, it creates a special kind of magic — Like stumbling across a way to bring order to the chaos of everyday life. Maybe that’s what makes these 22 photos so satisfying?

1) Cat crammed into a box

2) A pill and a ruler

3) Exactly 66 dice into a phone box

4) A clementine and an avocado

5) The feet of a bouncy toy perfectly perched in 4 cup holders

6) Eight slices of bread on a cookie sheet

7) A tiny car getting a piggyback ride from a truck

8) Coffee lid on a cat food can (Warning: DO NOT DRINK.)

9) Dog in a guitar case

10) Record on top of a drum

11) Goldfish cracker wedged into a kid’s ear

12) Fortunes inside an Altoid’s tin

13) Box of mints in a hard drive fan

14) A cat. A can. A plan.

15) Hotel toiletries in a dresser drawer, Tetris-style

16) Dry erase markers in cabinet handles

17) A nickle inside a ring

18) Package delivery perfectly wedged into a doorframe

19) Hand sanitizer in a car console

20) Votive candle inside a tea ball

21) Vacuum and hearth

22) A single piece of pasta into a slotted spoon

After all of those super-satisfying images of perfect fits, this one probably looks a little out of place:

This is what happens when things don’t fit together just right. These overlapping images show what it looks like when cloud infrastructure isn’t a perfect fit– What’s being provisioned is bigger than what’s actually being used. Not at all as visually satisfying as a Led Zeppelin LP snugly fitting onto the head of a drum. (Or a tiny cat squeezing itself into a Pringles can, which is so stinking adorable we can barely handle it.) More than that, though, it’s unnecessarily expensive when your workload doesn’t match the cloud infrastructure you’ve provisioned. Cloud resource management can be a challenge. But don’t worry– we’ve got you covered. Cloud optimization is what we do. At, we’re a cloud management platform that’s mastered the mechanics of a perfect cloud compute fit.

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