What’s a Cloud Management Platform? (Part 2: Cloud Optimization)

Beautifully simple cloud optimization.

What’s a Cloud Management Platform? (Part 2: Cloud Optimization Edition)

Two weeks ago, we talked about some of the ways that a Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) helps users relieve the headaches associated with DIY cloud resource management. This week, we’ll look at a few more compelling reasons to use a Cloud Management Platform like Sunshower.io for your cloud optimization and cloud resource management.

What Else Can a Good Cloud Management Platform Do?

Imagine you’re a chapstick-hoarder like literally everyone at Sunshower.io. You would save immensely on chapstick if you could immediately know how many sticks you had and where exactly they’re located. This is similar to Sunshower.io’s dashboard, where users find a tally of all their instances and a globe that shows where those instances are located. It’s like pulling up a map created in real-time that shows that you have two chapsticks in your coat pocket, one in your car’s front cupholder, one that you forgot at your friend’s house last week, and one that’s rolled under your bed.

Pretty cool, eh? It gets better.

How a Cloud Management Platform Uses Cloud Optimization to Help Your Bottom Line

One of the biggest benefits of a Cloud Management Platform is the ability to rightsize and optimize. Cloud Service Providers make rightsizing a nearly impossible task. This is likely because it’s not in their financial best interest make it easy for their customers to cut costs. The best way to make sure your infrastructure is truly optimized without driving yourself crazy is by using a Cloud Management Platform.

On our CMP, Sunshower.io’s optimization feature also users how to save on cloud compute by using a drop-down list revealing servers’ prices. This allows users to find the cheapest instances to fit their needs, which helps users economize and use space more efficiently. You can substantially reduce costs by using our algorithms to analyze your workloads, rightsize your infrastructure, and scale out or scale back infrastructure based on historical trends and configurable periods of time. We can even identify the right cloud for you by calculating the cost of offloading your tasks to other cloud service providers, and show you exactly how to save on cloud compute by using a drop-down list revealing servers’ prices. (Which, believe us. isn’t easy information to find on your own!)

So, What Other Cloud Optimization Headaches Can a Good CMP Eliminate?

You know that moment months after a huge closet cleanout when you can’t remember whether you gave away that shirt or pair of pants that now you’re suddenly desperate to find? At that moment, wouldn’t you love to have a visual record of what you got rid of so you know you’re not searching in vain? That’s Sunshower.io’s topology feature. This allows users to use color-coding to track which instances are active, which have been turned off, and which are going between two states.

Cloud Management Platforms: The Bottom Line

With the drain on time and resources associated with self-managing the cloud, more and more businesses are opting to use a Cloud Management Platform like Sunshower.io.

Sunshower.io runs your cloud compute usage data through very-nearly-magical proprietary algorithms that take the guesswork out of working with a Cloud Service Provider like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Not sure what instance type you should be on? We can guide you to the best value for your money, based on the exact size of your workload. (Not an easy feat, since workloads are constantly changing.) Have instances running in different locations? We’ve created a user-friendly dashboard that allows complete visibility across clouds and regions.

With easy implementation and a short learning curve, Sunshower.io is a Cloud Management Platform that makes life on the cloud… beautifully simple.

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