Official Platform Launch: for AWS EC2 launch

We’ve been testing software.

We’ve been onboarding customers.

We’ve been providing unparalleled cloud visibility.

We’ve been rightsizing and optimizing.

We’ve been cutting cloud bills by an average of 66%.

And we’ve been giving it all away for free.

That ends today, with the much anticipated OFFICIAL LAUNCH of for AWS EC2!

Yeah, we know. It’s a bummer that our free pre-launch platform access is coming to a close. But if you’re anything like our current happy users, we think you’ll find that our cloud management platform is still a pretty smokin’ value.

Priced for startups, scaleups, and small businesses, we deliver truly unbeatable AWS EC2 cost management results. Unlike our competitors, we also offer industry leading cloud optimization results and cutting-edge infrastructure visibility tools. All of this is available in one user-friendly platform that only takes minutes to get up and running. (Sound too good to be true? Come see for yourself!)

Need more good news? With our post-launch pricing, the first three instances will always be free. That means that if you haven’t yet had the chance to take a tour of our platform’s cloud management tools, you can still sample what we have to offer with no credit card info required. What’s even better? By maximizing the value of your cloud spend dollar, our platform absolutely pays for itself within the first few months.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to the customers, advisors, and mentors that have given us support and feedback during our trial period. As a thank-you, we’d love to see you at our official launch party on Tuesday June 18th. We’ll be celebrating our launch from 6-9pm at Intersect Brewing in sunny Fort Collins. (Is it weird to have a company with a rain-themed named headquartered in a town where the sun shines more than 300 days a year? Nah. You can’t have a sunshower with the sun, amirite?)

Hope to see you at the party! (If you can’t make it, that’s ok. We still think you’re great.)

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